First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock

How do I become a member?

We believe that church membership is very important for every Christian. It ties us into the local Body of Christ for fellowship, ministry and service. A believer cannot properly function and fulfill their purpose in Christ if they are not a part of the body.

We have two form of membership here at First Baptist;

1. Full membership
2. Associate Membership
• For those college students that live here during the school year but would like to keep their full church membership at their home church.
• For those part time residents that live in Blowing Rock seasonally and would like to keep their full time membership at their home church where they reside the rest of the year.
• This is basically an opportunity to give, minister and serve here in Blowing Rock while they are in residence.

You can join the church by three ways;

1. Baptism
Upon professing your faith in Jesus Christ, you can join our church by following His example in believer’s baptism. A candidate for baptism must meet with a staff member before scheduling baptism. You will become a full member upon completing baptism.

Those who have made a prior profession of faith in Jesus Christ but have not been scripturally baptized by immersion can meet with a staff member and become a candidate for baptism and full membership after they have been baptized.

2. Transferring Your Membership
A person transferring from another Baptist church may be received by letter from that church and shall become a member of our church.

3. By Statement
Anyone who has once been a member of a Baptist church, or of a church whose doctrine and form of baptism are like our own, and have been baptized by immersion, may be received into our fellowship upon a statement of their faith.

What about my children?
When a child is ready to make a commitment to Christ they may come forward during the invitation. Our Pastors will deal sensitively with the child. Information about the child’s next step will be shared with the parents. Upon completion of a meeting with one of our Pastoral staff and following in believer’s baptism, the child will become a member of the church.

So How do I do this?
You can join at anytime during the week by contacting the church office or at the conclusion of worship services at the Welcome Center. On the first Sunday's of the month, we will  have a time at the end of the worship service where the Pastor will invite those interested in joining the church to come down front. During this time you may come to the front and visit with the Pastor about your intentions. He will pray with you and direct you towards the next step for membership. You may also indicate on one of our visitor cards or prayer sheets you intentions and drop it in the offering plate during the service or hand it to one of our ushers or the Pastor at the end of the service. You will be contacted that week to set up a meeting time to answer any questions you might have and follow up on your decisions. Regardless of how or when you join, we like to have an opportunity to introduce our new members to the church body and we do this on the 1st Sundays of the month at the end of the worship service. If you join during the week, or on any other Sunday, we would like for you to be introduced at the next closest 1st Sunday. 

I still have questions…..

God loves you and we really care about you and we would love to share with you more about following Christ or becoming a member of First Baptist Church. Please give us a call at 828-295-7715 and ask to speak to one of the Pastors or email us at


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