First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock

What are worship services like?

Webster defines “worship” as:

Wor•ship 1. reverence or devotion for a deity; religious homage or veneration 2. extreme devotion or intense love or admiration of any kind.

Intense love and admiration! Extreme devotion! That’s how we describe worship at First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock. We believe that worship is not something we do once a week but rather it is an outflow of our daily lives; it is who we are. On Sunday’s we gather together as the body of Christ to express that outflow together. We gather each week to worship God as a family and to express to Him our love, our thanks, and our devotion. Whether you are seeking something new, searching for some answers or just looking for a place to join together for worship we would love for you be our guest as we worship the Lord together!

10:00 Combined Worship Service

In the past we have offered two very distinctive styles of worship on Sunday mornings, but starting in April of 2017 we have decided to combine our services into one joint worship at 10:00. Having two differing styles of worship fit our goals and purposes for the last 10 years and have been a great success, but the leadership feels that we are at a perfect place in the life of our church to join together as one. This will afford us an opportunity to develop our own style; combining all different elements, types and styles of worship, while worshiping as one united body of believers. We do not want to allow the terms that have grown popular over the years like "contemporary" or "traditional" to define, divide or limit us in our goal of creating a worshipful experience for every person attending. We hope to use all elements; hymns, popular choruses, videos and testimonies to help us each engage one another as we worship our heavenly Father. We firmly believe that while we may worship with different personal taste or comfort; we are one body, one congregation with the same heart, passion and vision.

We want you to be comfortable worshiping with us and you will find people dressed for our service in everything from a suit, coat and tie or dress to jeans, shorts and a t-shirt. We hope to create an environment where everyone will feel welcome and at home whether you are used to a more "laid back" or "formal" setting for worship, we feel you will find a place at First Baptist where you can feel like part of the family and have an experience that will encourage you, bless you and speak to your heart.

We encourage you to visit with us and see what everyone in our community is talking about when they say we are a "unique, warm and welcoming" church where you will never leave unchallenged or loved. 

Sound Enhancement Devices

Assisted Listening Devices are available during the 11:00 Worship Service. For assistance, please visit either the sound booth at the back of the worship center or see one of our greeters. For the 9:30 service some of you might prefer earmuffs, but those you will have to bring yourself.

Sermon Podcast

The Pastor's sermons are available online on the Monday after the worship service on our podcast page that you can find from the link at the top of this webpage or by going to iTunes and typing in "First Baptist Blowing Rock" in the podcast search. You can download any message from these pages to your personal phones or devices or listen directly on your computer or device. 

Sermon CD's

CD's of the Pastor's sermons are available the Monday after the worship service in the church office. You can sign up for a CD or a sermon series on the forms in the main office or by email request at


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